Motivating Others

Many managers find it difficult to motivate their employees, since motivation can take on a different slant for each individual.  How can leaders create a climate in which people want to do their best?

Tip #1.  Build a team spirit which emphasizes treating people as individuals.

Tip #2.  Push tasks and decisions down.

Tip #3.  Empower others by raising the consciousness of your employees.

Tip #4.  Make each individual feel his/her work has value.

Tip #5.  Understand leadership is a privilege.  Too many leaders look upon employee problems as unwelcomed and an invasion of their time.

Tip #6.  Be authentic. Disingenuous praise can be viewed as manipulative.

Tip #7.  Work on yourself first.  You can’t teach others to do what you don’t do yourself.

Tip #8.  Encourage participation.  Encouraging others to participate creates a sense of personal involvement.

Tip #9.  Act as a role model and help employees identify what’s important to them.

Tip #10.  Clearly define the organizations vision, mission, and goals, as well as define the goals and objectives of each employee.

Employee motivation creates long-term success for companies…click here for more information on developing employees in the workplace.

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