Millennials in the Workplace

A recent study conducted by the Gallop Poll gathered responses from over 200, 000 individuals across organizations in a wide variety of industries, giving us a snapshot of today’s workforce.  Out of 100 million full-time workers that make up the American workforce, only one-third are engaged at work.  In other words, one-third of workers are emotionally or psychologically attached to their work and workforce.  Why is it that millennials are the driving force behind workplace change, clocking in with the lowest percentage of engaged employees?

As millennials get older they are able to navigate their career, finding work that better suits their needs, which in turn increases their levels of engagement.  On the other hand, since they are the major advocates for change, they may feel they’re “waiting” for their employers to catch up with them, thus affecting how much they are able to emotionally commit.  For more information on managing millennials, click here to receive a complimentary assessment and download your FREE COPY of “The Rule of Millennials” by Jacqueline Woods.

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