Managing Organizational Agility

Organizations can be multi-layered with many turns, dead ends and choices, and the best way to get somewhere never occurs in a straight line.  There are formal organizations, where the path may look straight and then there are informal organizations where all paths are zigzagged.  Since companies are staffed with people, leaders are constantly challenged to work through complexities while obtaining the company’s goals.  Here a few tips to help leaders work through some of the challenges that may occur in the workplace.

  1. If you are stuck  and not sure why you’re having difficulty?Ask for feedback from at least one person from each group that you work with.  Also, be honest and try to self-assess why you aren’t getting things done efficiently and effectively.
  1. Old approaches aren’t working.  Try things you generally don’t do and look at what others are doing who are more effective than you.
  1. Getting poor responses from others.  Assess your personal style.  In other words, people differ in the impressions they leave.  Those who leave a positive personal impression get more things done versus those who leave a negative impression.
  1. Frustrated?  Consider the nature of the organization.  You may be underestimating the complexity of your organization.  While it’s possible that some organizations are simple, most are not.
  1. Lost in a maze? Assess your processes.  Some people know the necessary steps to get things done, but are too impatient to follow the process.
  1. Getting rattled when what you offer fails or gets rejected?Learn to expect the unexpected.  Ask yourself what’s the worst thing that could happen and determine how you will respond?  Then take the information and develop counter moves.
  1. Don’t understand who the movers and shakers are in an organization? Identify key players and their roles and assess how they get things done.  Who are the major gatekeepers? Who controls the flow of resources? Also,  consider who are the major resisters?

Working through challenges require accepting the complexity of organizations, rather than fighting it…click here for a Free Assessment.

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