Managing Millennials

With 70% of Millennials saying they would switch their jobs given the opportunity, how do you keep the front-runners from leaving your organization?   Before you can answer that question, here are a few myths.

  1. Millennials don’t want to work hard to get ahead.
    This is not true.  Millennials are focused on deliverables.  In order to get the best out of them, you must understand what drives them.
  2. Millennials don’t understand how to lead.
    According to Amy K. Hutchens, there are 7 critical skills leaders need to be successful: leading people, strategic planning, managing change, inspiring commitment, resourcefulness, doing whatever it takes (digitally), and being a quick learner(digitally). Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers tend to be strong in the first three areas, while Millennials are experts in the last three.
  3. Millennials lack respect for authority.
    Again, this isn’t the case.  In reality, Millennials like anyone else, respect has to be earned.  Once respect is earned, they reciprocate by believing in their leaders, and the organization and will do whatever it takes to succeed.

To attract, engage, and retain Millennials, leaders need to:

  • Provide constant feedback.
    Instead of waiting for semi-annual or annual reviews, hold regular meetings and communicate regularly, giving them the opportunity to voice their concerns.
  • Establish work life balance.
    Millennials tend to keep to office hours outside of the normal nine to five.  Managers and supervisors need to pay attention to this and  support them accordingly.
  • Keep them challenged.
    If they can handle it, allow millennials to work on multiple-projects.  Allowing them to get bored typically results in disengagement which results in increased turnover.

Millennials will continue to grow over the next few years.  Failing to adhere to simple practices such as these can cause long-term consequences. Click here for more information on managing Millennials in the workplace.

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