Making Leadership Development Work

Why are so many organizations failing to develop effective leaders?  First, many companies assume that people either have leadership ability or they don’t, which can result in the dismissal of those who don’t immediately succeed at challenges – believing there is a lack of leadership ability.

Secondly, results can be achieved in the (relatively) short-term, while development is a longer-term objective. Pressure exists to provide challenging opportunities to those with “proven” success, instead of to those who may get greater benefit from the experience.

Additionally, the cost of experience-based leadership development is more difficult to calculate as compared to tracking the costs associated with  training programs, or other fee-based programs , and therefore the ROI is more difficult to demonstrate for “experiences.”

Ultimately, experience is the key to learning how to become an effective leader.  The problem with leadership development is ensuring potential leaders are provided the right experiences.  Check out the following article to determine what works and what doesn’t  in developing leaders.

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adminMaking Leadership Development Work