Leadership Development

The 10 questions listed below are essential in the assessment of leaders.  Although they are not intended to represent the full suite of questions needed to do a thorough evaluation, they can be leveraged in a variety of ways, including within a “360-evaluation” format, by management team survey, or, simply used as an interview script by a hiring manager or hiring team.   The questions can also be used as a rubric, to properly weigh each assessment question and objectively establish leadership scores for each person being assessed.

  1. Do your leaders work to understand their industry and contribute to its evolution through their company’s work?
  2. Do your leaders communicate the firm’s vision and strategies and help their team to better understand how they contribute to the achievement the company’s goals?
  3. Do your leaders demonstrate executive presence and are they comfortable working at all levels of an organization?
  4. Do your leaders demonstrate integrity and build trust throughout the organization?
  5. Are your leaders inspiring followership and building strong teams around them?
  6. Are your leaders “thought leaders’ that can introduce new ways of “thinking” and “doing?”
  7. Do your leaders’ demonstrate effective communication, skilled at both listening and messaging?  .
  8. Do your leaders routinely provide feedback and coaching to their team?
  9. Do your leaders reward outstanding performance and understand how to reward the “right” people?
  10. Can your leaders clarify complex concepts and teach them to their teams?
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