Assessing Organizational Capacity

Improving communication and understanding within an organization requires leaders to establish cultures,  which responds to changing conditions (internally and externally), by analyzing the companies personnel, systems, structures, policies, and rewards to ensure synergy and maximize internal consistency. The questions below can be used to assess your Organization’s  capacity to produce effective functioning management and teams.

  1. Is there an individual within the company accountable for coordinating Organizational development  activities?
  2. Has the Organization attained a desired culture?  If so, is the culture consistent throughout all departments?
  3. Is there consistent Organizational structure throughout the company?
  4. Is Organizational development a part of the leadership’s  strategic planning process?
  5. Is Organizational development a part of the leadership’s tactical planning process?
  6. Are Organizational changes reviewed with respect to the desired culture and organizational structure?
  7.  Are surveys and analysis conducted with respect to the Organization’s structure and its effectiveness?
  8. Is training provided for managers and supervisors?
  9. Are procedures in place to identify and resolve any conflicts among departments?
  10. Has training been provided in how to prepare for and conduct effective meetings?
  11. Have the frequency and quality of organizational meetings been analyzed?
  12. Is communication within the Organization regularly reviewed to determine its relationship to the desired organizational structure and culture?

Although the questions above  are not all inclusive, they can be utilized to initiate the process of information gathering to assess and optimize your Organization.


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