10 Elements of Successful Leaders

Leadership is a learned behavior that becomes unconscious and automatic over time.  For example, how do leaders make the best decisions under pressure?  Good decision making comes from an accumulation of an experiences, as well as a multitude of different circumstances, and personality types.  Successful leaders anticipate business patterns, while finding opportunities in pressure situations and  serving the people they lead while overcoming hardships.  Here are 10 elements of successful leaders:

  1. Make Others Feel Safe.  Many leaders intimidate others with their power however, successful leaders deflect attention away from themselves while encouraging others.
  1. Expert Decision Makers.  Successful leaders either facilitate the dialogue to empower others to make decision or do it themselves.
  1. Communicate Expectations. Successful leaders are great communicators, especially when it comes to performance expectations.
  1. Challenge People to Think.  Successful leaders understand the mindsets of their team, and areas in need of improvement.  They use this knowledge to stretch their team to grow.
  1. Accountable to Others.   Successful leaders allow themselves to be managed which ensures they are being proactive to the needs of their team.
  1. Lead By Example.  Successful leaders practice what they preach, being aware of their actions.
  1. Measure and Reward Performance.  Great leaders review the numbers and reward success, they are proactive in acknowledging hard work and efforts.
  1. Properly Allocate and Position Talent.  Successful know their Talent and know how to use it.  They are experts at knowing their team, and understanding their unique skill-sets.
  1. Provide Successful Feedback.   Successful leaders always provide and receive feedback. They understand the power of perspective.
  1. Ask Questions and Seek Counsel.  Successful leaders have a deep quest for knowledge and are always seeking to learn, making themselves better.

Sustaining these success elements over time  allows leaders to increase the value of their organizations brand.   Click here for more information on developing successful leaders in the workplace.

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