Talent Management

Talent Management is a process of recruiting, integrating and developing human capital. It ensures an organization has a continuous flow of employees in the right place, at the right time.  Jasmine Consulting LLC has DDI (Development Dimensions International) certified instructors, trained in aligning talent management systems including hiring, development and performance management.  We assist organizations in articulating job requirements linked to specific competencies.

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Performance Management

Performance Management is a process to ensure organizational, departmental and employee goals are consistently met in an effective and efficient manner.  LM helps an organization align resources, systems and employees to achieve a company’s objectives, managing behaviors and results which are critical to a company’s success. Our consultant’s identify individual and group strengths and development needs based on specific competencies required for high performance.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development refers to a company’s ability to enhance its leadership capabilities within individuals.  Jasmine Consulting LLC links leadership and performance to ensure the organization’s people are highly competent, creating a competitive advantage by retaining top employee’s within the organization.

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Training & Development

Our Training & Development Program includes training in audits, leadership development, team building, workforce issues, process development, as well as customized training tailored to meet your company’s specifications. During this process, goals and objectives can be established for continuous improvement of the company’s policies, procedures and practices so the organization continues to improve and maintains its competitive advantage.

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Monday Morning Coffee

Develop Your Organization

with our online coures

  • Develop Your Organization

    “Every Organization has to prepare for the abandonment of everything it does.” -Bill Gates

  • Develop Your Leadership

    Lack of leadership is one of the largest impediments to a company’s growth.

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